After 5 events in these 7 days of Pan American in Baixo Guandu, the Russian GLEB SUKHOTSKIY, obtained the best position in the Event.

With uncertainties at the beginning of the competition, with suspicions of rain, as the forecast did not help much. After the worldwide news of the fear of spreading the Coronavirus. In spite of everything, the organization did everything to carry out the event, and the city hall and health secretariat prepared a very friendly team, assisting us in daily checking, hand asepsis, daily reports, temperature reading, these checks were carried out in all team and competitors, ensuring the tranquility we needed to perform tasks, where the splendid rocks and valleys of this region dazzled.
To complement in the last nights, the palco of the HQ be present varied bands, to cheer and to interact team and athletes.
We reached the end with a team more than expected as a Champion: Brazilian team composed of Cristiano Ricci (vermelho), Caio Buzzarello, Gilberto Raposo, Frank Brown, Thomas Milko and Marcella Uchoa.

In the girls’ group, the amusing Argentine SHAUIN KAO, was extremely competent, because the best pilots were there, making a disputed front between them.

In a sequence of victories, our current Brazilian champion, already on the road to even more titles, equipped with Ozone Enzo 3 and Kortel Kanibal 2, on board this set, is the carioca pilot: RAFAEL SALADINI. In second place was for Capixaba: FRANK BROWN, following in third the miner Cristiano Ricci (vermelho).

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