Hello Pilots,

Very soon we will host a FAI 1 event in Brazil, the 4th PanAmerican Paragliding Championship.
This event has a great importance to FAI, similar to the World’s.
All the information can be found at:
The registration follows FAI 1 standards, summarized below:
1) Pre registration must be made by December 7th, 2019. After that, pilot registering will only be considered if there are still places available from the 125 pilot maximum.
2) Selection process will follow FAI Sporting Code section 7A 2.2.2. and 2.3
3) To be eligible to participate in this event you must:
a) Be in the top 1500 pilots in the WPRS (December Ranking) or have scored minimum of 20 points in a FAI event in the last 2 years. You can verify your ranking at
b) Have an online sporting license for your nation valid for the dates of the event (see FAI S7 2.5.4)
4) Each country NAC will receive the list of Pre registered pilots for validation
5) Each NAC will indicate the Country’s National Team (6 pilots maximum, being 5 men and 1 woman) and other pilots they approve to compete in the event under their national flag (up to 80 pilot maximum per nation)
6) If you believe you meet the minimum requirements to participate in this event please fill the link with your personal information to validate your pre registration:
7) We will wait for your NAC to send a confirmation that you can participate in the event. By December 17th we expect to send you the payment instruction and thus complete your registration.
8) Your official registration will be confirmed after the payment.