The City

Baixo Guandu – Espirito Santo – Brazil The municipality is located in the Center-West Region of Espírito Santo, 186 km from the state capital. They are 931 square kilometers of area and a population of approximately 30 thousand inhabitants. Baixo Guandu with a tropical metamorphic and subhumid climate, it has four districts (Alto Mutum Preto, Ibituba, Km 14 of Mutum and Vila Nova do Bananal) and is part of the Tourist Region of Doce Pontões. With a culture and a hospitable people, the city offers delicious homemade food and natural beauties with beautiful landscapes, such as Pedra do Souza, as well as beautiful waterfalls and a very rich handicraft. Baixo Guandu offers attractions for all tastes and ages, with various events throughout the year, among them the Feast of St. Peter, patron of the city on June 29. Come and meet our city and be enchanted with our beauties and our people.