End Of Speed !

After 8 intense days, we arrived at the end of the Pan American, with more than 20 countries, 120 pilots, much vibration, and competitive spirit and solidarity. We are very sorry for the loss of a companion from the heavens, who is now up there guarding us, that the next hot springs are even better. After 4 tasks, we had Brazil in the Top, Colombia as the best team, and a Polish woman as the best female pilot. Many happy faces, and once again Baixo Guandu with his unconditional support provided a beautiful event. May the next come. Until next time, good winds.

Event Overalls (Open):

1 – Jeison Zeferino Brito (Bra)

2 – Leandro Henrique Padua (Bra)

3 – Michel Guillemot (Arg)


Event Overalls (Teams):

1 – Colombia

2 – Brasil

3 – Venezuela


Event Overalls (Female):

1 – Priscila Fevereiro (Bra)

2 – Andrea Jaramillo (Col)

3 – Shauin Kao (Arg)


Event Overalls (Pan American)Open | Team Female


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